1. Will You Buy A Hot Tub, Spa, Or Jacuzzi? Here’s the Difference

    We know that there’s some confusion when it comes to the products we sell here at Mountain Leisure Hot Tubs. After all, our name has hot tubs in it, but we used to be called On Call Spa Services. Did we change our services from spa maintenance to hot tub maintenance? On top of that, when you take a look at the products we offer, all three of the hot tub companies we carry are called spas: Viking…Read More

  2. 3 Myths About Home Hot Tubs It’s Time to Dispel

    With over seven billion people on the planet and half of them on the internet, it can easy for a myth or an urban legend to proliferate around the globe in no time at all. No hobby or industry is safe when it comes to myths and misinformation, often started by someone who knows almost nothing about the subject at hand. Home hot tubs are no exception, so you won’t be surprised to know that there…Read More