Recommended Products:

  • Mineral Purifier
  • Test Strips
  • Granular Chlorine or Bromine
  • Granular Non-Chlorine Shock
  • Granular PH/ALK Increaser  (If you are using our Chemical Kit, this is one product called LT Spa UP)
  • Scum Sponge
  • Filter Cleaner



  • Turn the power off to your hot tub.
  • Remove the filter(s) and fill the spa through the filter housing.
  • Fill to the “Fill Line” or approximately 2-3” above the filter or top jets(s) whichever is appropriate for your spa.
  • Turn on the power at the service disconnect, or at the main breaker. There will be a short delay before the hot tub comes on. Once it is on, turn on the jets and verify that there is sufficient water flow.
  • Set the temperature to your desired temperature.
  • Test the water with a test strip and adjust PH. (using a PH Increaser – Actual name of product is based on brand)
  • Adjust total Alkalinity.  (Using Alkalinity Increaser – Actual name of product is based on brand)
  • Install the Mineral Purifier. The Mineral Purifier is good for four months and must be replaced every four months along with fresh clean water.
  • Add one tablespoon of CHLORINE to activate with the new mineral purifier stick.
  • After Each Use:  Add one tablespoon of NON-CHLORINE SHOCK.
  • Place the Scum Sponge in the Hot Tub to absorb oils.



  • Remove and clean filter(s) OR rotate out old filter(s) and install FRESH filter(s)
  • Test Water with test strips and adjust (most likely raise) levels of PH-ALK-CHLORINE
  • Remember – After Each Use:  Add one tablespoon of NON-CHLORINE SHOCK
  • Wash the Scum Sponge before returning to the hot tub. This will help with water Clarity.



Soak filters in Filter Cleaner for at least three hours or preferably overnight. Rinse them off well BEFORE placing back into the hot tub.



Drain and clean spa, filters, cover, and then refill … Don’t let the spa sit empty for more than 24 hrs.