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Swim Life SwimStream

Swim Life SwimExpert

Has variable resistant, adjustable current stream, the thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises and two hydrotherapy massage seats.

Product Highlights

Capacity: 2 people
Volume: 1900 Gal
Size: 14' 6" x 7' 9" x 53"
Weight (Empty): 2532 Lbs
Weight (Filled): 18445 Lbs

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Price: $33,895

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Swim spas run between $20,000 to $50,000, while in-ground pools cost an average of $40,000 to $100,000, depending on installation type, size, and other requirements. The cost to heat a swim spa typically totals between $1 and $3 per day, while an in-ground pool costs more than $5 per day depending on heater type, pool size, and climate. Maintenance costs for swim spas

The site preparation you’ll need to complete prior to installation day will be determined by the location and installation style you choose. Running the proper electrical lines, pouring a strong, even foundation, determining suitable drainage and ventilation, and equipment access. Your Jacuzzi® Swim Spa dealer will walk you through and help you prepare for a successful swim spa installation.

Swim spas are very versatile when it comes to installation. Whether you choose to create an indoor pool retreat or a more traditional backyard pool paradise, your swim spa can be installed in-ground, freestanding, vaulted into the ground, partially recessed in-ground, or with a deck surround.

Serving as an all seasons pool™, a swim spa enables you to harness water’s natural ability to soothe and strengthen your body and mind any time of the year. Swimming is an ideal entry-level exercise option for those just beginning their health journey or recovering from an injury. It’s also a challenging choice for athletes of all levels eager to get into the best shape of their lives from the year-round privacy of their own backyard.

A Jacuzzi® swim spa is essentially a pool that can be used anytime of the year, thanks to the combination of strong shell, foam insulation, SmartSeal® technology, insulated floor, and fully-adjustable venting.

Some people are attracted to the numerous health and wellness features they offer and others like the convenience they provide. Regardless of whether you’re creating a staycation-worthy backyard or an all seasons pool™ option, swim spas can increase the amount of fun, relaxation and fitness level for everyone in your family.

FREE delivery includes:

  1. Clear location access
  2. Basic hookup within 6 feet of hot tub to an electrical junction box (disconnect box)
  3. Free Delivery is within 30 miles of our retail store

Free delivery does NOT include:

  1. Supplying electrical work to bring power to the hot tub location
  2. Difficult to access location (fence removal, decks, rock walls, etc)
  3. Does not include up or down staircases
  4. Does not include use of crane or material handler/forklift

Product Description

Has variable resistant, adjustable current stream, the thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises and two hydrotherapy massage seats. The SwimStream is a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one. This swimspa is a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one-piece mini-pool that allows you to swim, jog, exercise or play. It needs less space, costs less money and requires less maintenance than a conventional pool. Adjust the current from a gentle front crawl to a 1:02 hundred-meter swim pace a challenge for even a competitive swimmer.

SwimStream 3D Model


SwimStream Features

Explore our innovative swim spa features

AquaCurrent Jet Technology

2019 SwimLife SwimExpert AquaCurrent Jets. Two Patented AquaCurrent Swim Jets. AquaBlades shred the vortex created by the pump. Wider, Deeper and Smoother current than any other system on the market. Buoyancy jet backlit to light the swim current

Swim Boost Pump Design

One 5hp SwimBoost Pump. Producing up to 360 Gallons / minute per jet. One 3hp Buoyancy Pump. Located Close to Jets. One 3hp buoyancy pump

SwimChannel Current Design

No Reflective Wave. Keeps Swimmer in swim lane. Largest unobstructed swim tank. Stabilization Hip Jets

WaveRider Current Control

Allows the user to vary the flow at the touch of a button. 0 -11mph (0 – 18kph). Adjustable to the level of the swimmer from Novice to Triathlete. WaveRider Standard on all SwimExperts

SwimStream Specs

Volume (G): 1900 Gal
Dry Weight (Lbs): 2532 Lbs
Filled Weight (Lbs): 18445 Lbs
Length (ft): 14' 6"
Width (ft): 7' 9"
Height (in): 53"
Hydrotherapy Seats: 2
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