so glad we found One Spa Services here

First of all, let me start by saying that my wife and I are actual customers and we don’t post reviews very often unless a really good job has been performed. We are so glad we found One Spa Services here when we moved to NC. We used a refurbished Spa Company in Texas and although they did a pretty good job, we have been extremely happy with One Spa Services. Since installing the Hot Tub Thankgiving week, we have it running and using it non stop during these cold evenings with no issues with very little maintainance. Charles and company did exactly what we discussed in our contract and looking at the Brand New Prices for hot tubs, you can’t go wrong with One Spa Services. Please note, that if you are a first time Spa user, note everything they tell you what to do in order to keep it running smoothly. The great thing about One Spa Services, is that they are not only in the business of selling rebuilt Hot Tubs, but mainly in the maintenance and unkept of you equiptment as well. It’s nice to have someone who knows their own product and can service it when needed throughout the years. Buy the Hot Tub, get what you want, i.e. Size, color, cover, jet output, and lighting. Listen to the pros for proper maintanance and enjoy one of the most rewarding leisurely activities in the comfort of your own home directly from One Spa Services. Cheers!

R/Danny and Debbie, Canton NC

Danny Stokes