Did you know one of the best ways to relieve pain can be found right in your backyard?  Your hot tub is a great natural tool to deal with a number of aches and ailments from chronic pain to injuries. Heated water has healing properties that have been used for thousands of years. Known as hydrotherapy, water immersion for healing is used today by many health-care providers.

What is Hydrotherapy?

The heat of the water in your hot tub strengthens the circulation of blood throughout the body to injured muscles and joints. As blood flow increases, muscle tightness, swelling and inflammation are reduced. Incredibly, the pain relief you experience when in
your spa is often extended beyond the actual period of water immersion.

Who Should Try Hot Tub Therapy?

1. Those With Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Hydrotherapy lessens the force of gravity that puts pressure on your joints while the buoyancy offered by the water supports your arms and legs. The heated jet massage intensifies blood flow through the body easing tension, swelling and inflammation.

2. Those With Back Pain or Sciatica

If pain is keeping you from
moving freely, your spa can help. As you relax in the heated, agitated water of
your spa, your muscles will warm giving you a greater range of motion. This is
an ideal time to do some light stretching to rid your body of stiffness.

3. Those Recovering From an Injury

When you’re injured, it often means having to move about differently. And that means other parts of your body are picking up the slack for your injury. That can translate into pain in other areas as those muscles and tendons work harder than normal. Regular dips in your spa can ease tension and soreness in overworked muscles while sending healing blood flow to your injured area.

4. Those with Tension and Tight Muscles

Muscle tightness often goes hand-in-hand with stress. So if you’ve had a hard day — or week— you may be feeling tight and achy. Your hot tub is the perfect way to deal with that. As you relax and de-stress, the hot water and jet massage will soothe away tension and soreness.

Magnify Hot Tub Therapy With Exercise

Did you know you can exercise in your hot tub? Yoga, strengthening moves and stretching are all a great way to maximize the benefits your hot tub can offer. The buoyancy of the water gives your limbs a feeling of weightlessness then enables you to move more freely. As an added benefit, in the water, there’s no impact on your joints, so you may be able to push yourself beyond what you could normally do.

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