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Terms & Conditions

We appreciate your business! By engaging Mountain Leisure Hot Tubs, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions listed below. First, we accept credit or debit card payments made over the phone or via a secure online link provided by Mountain Leisure Hot Tubs in your invoice.

All jobs that require multiple hours, multiple staff, special order material, or specialized equipment require a deposit of 50%. Payment is due in full in advance for all custom items including, but not limited to Spa Covers. The final balance on your invoice is due upon completion of the work outlined on your invoice (within that business day). Your labor warranty and equipment warranty (if applicable) are as stated on your invoice. Please understand that your labor warranty is contingent upon full payment at the time of completion of stated work. Your warranties do not transfer to you until payment is received in full, therefore late payments put the warranties of your service and equipment at risk.

In addition, late payments (payments made after the day of service) accrue a late fee penalty of 10% of invoice balance per day. Invoices that are 4 days past due will result in the cancellation of the invoice agreement, loss of deposit monies paid and cancellation of all warranties. Furthermore, you give full consent to Mountain Leisure Hot Tubs to come onto your property in order to remove any and all of the equipment related to this invoice in the event you’re your invoice balance has not been paid within 4 days. I understand and agree to TERMS & CONDITIONS with no exceptions.

Mountain Leisure Locations

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable backyard leisure specialists are ready to assist you. Give us a call or send an email to get in touch with us. To make the most of your experience, we recommend making an appointment when visiting our Arden or Boone showrooms. We can help you find the hot tub of your dreams and truly bring your backyard to life.

Become a Spa Maintenance Member

We offer discounts on parts and labor, extended warranties, and preferred scheduling of service and maintenance requests for customers that have a maintenance membership packages

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