You’ve chosen and purchased the outdoor hot tub of your dreams. If you truly want your spa experience to be the thing dreams are made of, it must be done right. Here are the main things to consider for your outdoor hot tub installation.

1. Outdoor Hot Tub Location

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a location for your spa. When it comes to safety, your spa should not be within 10 feet of overhead power lines. The space needs to be large enough to give you access to the hot tub equipment panel and should be near a power source to accommodate the spa’s electrical needs. It should also be located where it can be drained away from the house.

A good level of privacy is also a key consideration. To ensure you enjoy your spa to the fullest, it should be in an area free of
prying eyes. While not as important, it’s also nice to choose a location with easy access to your home.

2. Foundation

A proper installation begins with a solid and reliable base. There are a variety of options to consider from an existing patio or deck to a concrete base or crushed gravel. If you plan to install your spa on an existing patio or deck, first make sure it is completely level. Even the slightest angle will affect the stability of your tub. Age or weather cracks should be repaired
if you choose your patio and your deck should be fortified, if necessary, to withstand the weight of a full hot tub.

If you don’t have a deck or patio, a concrete slab is an easy and economical option. A professional will be able to pour a level slab that accommodates the size of your tub. Gravel is also a great base but can be tricky to work with because it shifts easily. You’ll definitely want an expert to handle the installation. He or she will ensure the gravel accommodates the shape of your tub, hugging it all the way around to keep it secure.

3. Design

Now that the practicalities have been dealt with, it’s time to think about how you can integrate your new spa into your current landscape.

If your budget allows, a built-in spa adds a lot of elegance to your yard. Whether you choose wood or stone to surround your hot tub, be sure that it matches the rest of your landscaping. A multi-medium approach is also nice. Try combining bricks and wood for extra texture or even stone and brick for a multi-hued look.

If your budget isn’t quite as extensive, plants are an inexpensive way to add visual interest. Greenery such as ferns, shrubs, small trees and hostas can turn your spa into a serene oasis. If you like a bold look, simply swap out the greenery for flowers and flowering shrubs in colorful pots.

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