Taking care of your hot tub shouldn’t be stressful.

Including a professional hot tub service as part of your regular care plan can add years to the life of your hot tub, without you ever lifting a finger!

Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule can be simple and usually won’t take too long to complete, giving you the most time possible to sit back and enjoy a relaxing soak anytime you’d like.

The thing is, not everyone will have the time in their schedule to maintain their hot tub as often as they’d like, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

A professional hot tub service can be the perfect solution if you live a busy life but still want your spa kept in pristine condition or if you simply want to take the work out of owning a luxurious home spa.

Let’s take a deeper look into what a hot tub service is and how it can help you!

What is Included in a Hot Tub Service Package?

Hot tub service packages can vary based on your individual needs.

While some people are looking for a complete solution to meet all their hot tub care requirements, others may only want to have the more time-consuming tasks, such as draining and cleaning the shell, completed by professionals.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is surely a membership plan to fit your needs.

Service packages will often vary in price, services, and frequency. This will give you some customization of what you need from your service appointments.

For example, if you don’t have the time to drain and clean your hot tub shell every couple of months, you may want to choose a service plan that includes four rounds of draining and cleaning. However, if it’s just the cooler months you’d prefer to have someone else take care of that, you can choose a plan that only includes one or two.

Here are some of the most common things included in a professional service:

  • Chemicals and Water Treatment.
  • Draining Your Hot Tub Water.
  • Cleaning and Detailing Your Shell.
  • Hot Tub Inspection.

There may be some bonus items you can receive from your servicing company based on the package you choose.

For example, we here at Mountain Leisure Hot Tubs include discounts on parts, labor, service, covers, and accessories, warranty on repairs, labor, and equipment, and offer preferred scheduling options.

How Often Should I Get my Hot Tub Serviced?

How often you get your hot tub serviced will depend on your needs and the maintenance you’re comfortable performing on your hot tub.

If you dont mind taking care of your water treatment, but the thought of draining and cleaning your hot tub leaves you feeling nervous, then you won’t need to have a team come every week and can consider having service calls done once every few months.

However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to completely take care of your hot tub without you worrying about it, then frequent visits will be the best solution. This will ensure the team can treat your water properly and perform any repairs quickly when discovered, making your only job relaxation!

Before you decide how often you’d like to include professional service, consider what you’re comfortable doing for your hot tub, how much time you can spend taking care of it, and your budget.

The Benefits of a Professional Hot Tub Service

Including professional service appointments in your regular care routine can provide you with a wide range of benefits.

Here are the most common advantages of a professional hot tub service.

1. Prevents Damage

Over time, the parts in your hot tub may need to be repaired. These parts may not always be easy to reach, or the damage may be difficult to spot.

When you have a technician perform a routine inspection of your entire hot tub, any damaged areas or issues that need to be repaired can be discovered before they cause any additional or lasting damage.

As an added bonus, these repairs can often be made on the spot, or orders can be put through for the repair to be made within 48 hours, ensuring your hot tub is always running at peak performance.

2. Reliable, Clean Water

Having a maintenance routine that you follow will help ensure your water stays balanced and clean.

Treating your water is one of the steps that is done more frequently than others and can be daunting if you’re a new hot tub owner. This is when a professional service can be invaluable.

Including a service shortly after you get your spa can help you learn how to properly test and treat your water and maintain it in the future. You can even learn what you should check during a regular routine from one of our service techs as they complete their inspection.

Recurring service appointments can also help determine if something in your regular routine needs to be changed. Water quality varies throughout communities, and how you treat yours will be influenced by that.

Having a tech come out periodically to test and treat your water will help you better understand your water chemistry and help highlight any special measures you should be taking based on its quality to better maintain it or simply make it easier to treat.

3. Increases Your Hot Tubs Life Span

How long your hot tub lasts is greatly influenced by how well it’s maintained over its lifetime.

If you regularly forget to treat your water and open your cover to find it’s become cloudy or algae blooms have developed, your hot tub’s shell will get damaged faster over time. These water issues often signal that it’s out of balance and could be more acidic, which can be corrosive to your shell and the entire system.

Secondarily, regularly completing a thorough inspection such as the one done during our 32-Point Maintenance routine ensures damage is caught and managed quickly. If worn down parts or broken seals are missed and don’t get replaced, it can cause lasting damage to your hot tub, significantly reducing its lifespan.

4. Makes Winterizing Easy

Winterizing your spa is essential if you don’t use your hot tub for the winter and are shutting it down or simply want it closed during a mid-winter vacation.

If you don’t close your hot tub properly before shutting it down, you run the risk of coming home to frozen and burst pipes, causing lasting damage to your entire system.

Having a service team professionally close your hot tub for the season can save you the headache of worrying if you followed all the proper steps. Simply enjoy your vacation to the max, knowing you’ll come home to a hot tub free of damage!

Make this even better by having us to reopen it just before you get back, so you can relax under the warm water and recover from the long flight back as soon as you walk through your door!

5. Make the Most of Your Free Time!

Putting your hot tub care in the hands of professionals can help give you peace of mind and let you truly enjoy your hot tub to the fullest.

While taking care of your hot tub doesn’t have to be difficult, it does take up some of your free time and can leave you waiting to enjoy it if you discover the water needs to be treated when you lift the cover.

These delays are significantly minimized when you include a routine service call in your maintenance schedule and can eliminate the worry of treating your water incorrectly or missing damaged items that need to be repaired.

Simply come home from a long day, open the cover, and lean back in one of the seats to get a personal, deep tissue massage without worrying about anything!

Professional Hot Tub Service in North Carolina

Caring for your hot tub is non-negotiable. It needs to be done to keep your spa in its best condition and prevent your water from causing irritation, rashes, and even bacterial infections!

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a flawless experience every time they step into their hot tub, no matter their lifestyle. That’s why our team at Mountain Leisure Hot Tubs offers a range of professional service options to meet the needs of any of our customers.

If you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy your hot tub without its care cutting into your valuable free time, having it serviced by one of our expert technicians may be the answer!

If you’re searching for your dream hot tub or are looking for a reliable team of service professionals to care for your existing hot tub, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been in the business of spa care for 23 years and have learned how important it is to offer quality, friendly service to the Boone and Arden communities in Western North Carolina!

We’ve created a company that values the relationships we build with our customers, and their enjoyment and ease of use are our top priorities.

If you’re ready to embrace expert service, explore our options or contact us today!