Shopping for that special person on your list can be hard. What do you buy for someone who doesn’t seem to need anything? Luckily, we’re here to help. If you have any hot tub owners in your life, your holiday shopping is about to get a lot easier.

Let’s take a look at the top holiday gift ideas for hot tub owners.

1. Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy is the perfect way to show that special person in your life that you care. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing method that has been used since ancient times to improve both physical and emotional health. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology, it can be enjoyed from the hot tub. Not only does aromatherapy offer many health benefits, it can also improve skin tone and texture and is a wonderful relaxation aid.

Choose products that have been specifically designed for spa use. They can come in the form of salts, crystals, liquid and bath bomb-style capsules, and should be purchased from a certified hot tub dealer to ensure compatibility.

2. Waterproof Cards

If you’re looking for a small gift or a stocking stuffer, you can’t go wrong with waterproof playing cards. These cards come in a variety of sizes and materials from plastic to foil to PVC. The PVC cards in particular are very flexible, making them easy to shuffle and deal. A full deck of 52 cards comes in a plastic case for easy storage. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys playing cards.

3. Polycarbonate Drinking Glasses

Spending time in the hot tub can be thirsty work, but using glassware for your beverages can be problematic. No one wants a
glass to shatter in or near their spa. That problem is solved with plastic drinkware. But, if you really want to impress your loved one, choosing high-quality polycarbonate glasses is the way to go. These shatter-proof glasses look and feel like quality glassware and can be purchased in a variety of styles from tumblers and wine glasses to martini glasses and beer steins. This is the perfect gift for any spa owner, but is also especially useful for those who enjoy hosting hot tub parties.

4. Floating Lights

If you want to give the gift of ambience this holiday season, then floating LED lights are a great choice. Available in a variety of shapes from glitter globes to lotus flowers, these color-changing lights are perfect for the spa, the pool or the patio. Most have a one-hour auto shut off time and are battery powered.

5. Spa Pillow

If you’re looking for a way to make your loved one’s spa time even more relaxing, then look no farther than a non-slip spa
pillow. A good quality pillow will be soft and well-padded and should come with a 10-year guarantee. The pillow, which attaches to the side of the spa with suction cups, will be waterproof — and that makes it easier to clean.

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