Water has long been viewed as a healing property, especially when heated. In fact, hydrotherapy, the use of water to improve wellness, dates all the way back to ancient times.

It was used by the ancient Egyptians and other early societies to treat pain and release stress.

Today, you can reap an untold number of benefits with regular hot tub use. Here are the top 10 ways that regular hot tub use can impact your health:

1. Pain Relief

Living with pain daily can take a toll on the body. Whether you have arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic back pain, a hot tub really can work wonders. Warm water paired with jet massage eases tension while improving circulation.

Studies have shown regular hot tub use can lessen swelling and inflammation while increasing blood flow to sore muscles and joints.

Reduction in pain appears to aid sufferers far beyond the actual immersion, meaning that daily soaks in your hot tub could be an extremely effective way to manage your pain.

2. Eased Stress & Anxiety

It’s hard to stay tense when your body is being methodically massaged by heated water. Not only does this powerful combination relax you and soothe your tired muscles, it enables your body to produce a higher level of endorphins.

Elevating your endorphin production not only increases your energy levels, it triggers feelings of contentment, easing worry.

3. Soothed Sore Muscles

Did you know that heat can help to relieve joint pain and muscle tension? When combined with massage, it becomes a powerhouse team for relaxing stiff and achy muscles.

Frequent hot tub use has been found to reduce muscle pain and spasms while decreasing tightness.

4. Increased Range of Motion

One of the best ways to increase your flexibility is through hydrotherapy. The heated water massage offered by your spa increases circulation, warming your muscles.

Once in the water for 10 minutes and muscles are warm and pliable, why not add some stretches? Incorporating this into your daily routine will improve your mobility both in and out of the tub.

5. Improved Sleep

Sleep disorders can leave you tired and cranky. Rather than turning to medication, why not try some hot tub therapy, an easy and natural way to prepare your body for sleep.

Whether you suffer from insomnia or restless leg syndrome, experts suggest creating a bedtime routine that includes a 20- to 30-minute soak in the hot tub.

The water will raise your body temperature. After exiting, however, the gradual cooling of the body brings on drowsiness that often results in a night of sounder sleep.

Here are some things that you can do to improve your sleep patterns!

6. Detoxification & Purification

Regular dips in the hot tub are a great way to keep your system free of toxins and other wastes.

As you sit in the warm water, your blood and lymph fluid heat and begin circulating more quickly through your body.

As you begin to sweat, you shed toxins, which are whisked away from your skin by the water.

7. Improved Immunity

If you want to help your body fight off bugs and bacteria, one of the best things you can do, aside from proper nutrition and exercise, is to use your hot tub.

Warm water immersion promotes better circulation which, in turn, pushes white blood cells to the parts of the body that are fighting off germs. Sweating also helps your body get rid of bacteria.

8. Help for Diabetics

If you have Type 2 diabetes, a hot tub may help you control your condition, according to a study. The heated water and massage offered by your spa stimulate blood flow, causing more nutrient-rich blood to reach the muscles and, as a result, lower blood glucose levels.

The study found hot water immersion to be especially helpful for those who aren’t able to exercise. As with any treatment, you should consult your doctor before jumping in.

9. Improved Skin Tone

Soaking in heated water can do more than relax your body; it can improve the appearance of your skin too. Sweating rids the skin of impurities while also washing away dead skin and bacteria.

That same sweat helps maintain your skin’s collagen structure for an improved complexion with fewer lines and less acne. It also reduces fluid retention and the appearance of cellulite.

10. Aids in Weight Loss

While hot tub use alone won’t help you lose a lot of weight, it can be a handy tool to magnify the results you’re seeing from proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Soaking in a hot tub does not burn a ton of calories, but all of the health benefits it does offer — better sleep, relaxed muscles and increased flexibility, not to mention more energy — can be a big boost when it’s time to workout.

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